Top 5 NLG Steampunk Articles 2011

Top 5 NLG Steampunk Articles 2011

Choosing my blog's Top 5 articles for 2011 wasn't easy. If I ranked them by pageview, recent articles would be at a disadvantage against those that have been published for some time.

In the end I decided to rank them by calculating the average monthly pageviews [(actual pageviews / days published) * 30 days]. As a last step I removed seasonal posts as with my formula they skewed the result. Seasonal posts are articles that might be very popular at the end of the year, but will probably be ignored during the rest of the year. The results in reverse order:

5. The World of Twin Peaks: By Design or by Chance? - Fifth place was a toss up between my review of the Twin Peaks series, and the article describing how the series was created. The World of Twin Peaks won by a very narrow margin.

4. Mobs and Riots in Victorian London - I wrote this during the recent London riots, and it's proven to be very popular even after the riots were forgotten.

3. The Truth behind Pirate Stereotypes - Steampunks love pirates, so I was sure this was going to be popular. As a bonus I included a list of the Top 15 Pirate movies of the last 30 years.

2. The Suffragettes: Votes for Women - Victorian and Edwardian women's fight for their right to vote.

1. Amerigo Vespucci: The World’s Most Beautiful Ship - The number 1 position was no surprise to me as this article consistently gets way more hits than any other. Photos from my visit to a unique ship.


Ray Dean said...


One of the visitors to my blog posted a list of 'awards' to blogs that she liked (she was also honored in the same way) and I wanted to pass on a nod to yours as well...

Congrats for being one of the 'greats' on my blog list :D


Nicholas L. Garvery said...

Ray, thanks so much for the award!

I suggest to everyone to visit Ray's blog and see the rest of the awards list :D


I'll share this with my Twitter followers.

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