Top 10 Steampunk Web Articles 2011

Top 10 Steampunk Web Articles 2011

Everybody seems to make best of the year lists, so I'm making my own. The rules are they must be related to Steampunk, and not have been linked to elsewhere on my blog. It doesn't matter when they were published, but I must have discovered them during the past 12 months. In reverse order:

10. The Invention of the Gas Mask - Concentrates on the Victorian Era and the years just before and after it.

9. How to Undress a Victorian Lady in Your Next Historical Novel - The truth about Victorian undergarments.

8. Victorian kitchen that has remained untouched for 60 years discovered in stately home renovation - Plenty of detailed photos.

7. The Magnificent Doble - The best steam powered car ever, and information on the brothers who built it.

6. Twitter's Top Five Victorians: Or: A Straw Poll - Much more than a top 5 list, it's a very long list with details about the most important ones and the most obscure ones. Some surprising results.

5. The Steampunk Guide to Airships - There are many interesting articles on the Doctor Fantastique's site and print magazine, but this is my favourite.

4. Mind your Manners: The Victorian Period - A game where you play as a Victorian man or woman, and you have to decide what to do in different social situations. There are also other interesting history games on this site.

3. Steam War Machines - A set of pictures of Steampunk war machines built from Lego.

2. Some Old Photos - A beautiful set of photos of Victorian London.

1. Steampunk Leather Masks - Amazing collection of leather masks.


Bonus Not Steampunk, but worth a mention:

Chernobyl Today: A Creepy Story told in Pictures - Interesting artistic photos. I especially liked the ones showing the forest reclaiming the city.

Pripyat - Voskhod Building View - Chernobyl Tour - 360 degree view of the city of Pripyat near Chernobyl. The forest completely reclaimed the city!

Part II of this article series - Coming soon

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