Aurora (2011)

Aurora the Steampunk Film

Emerson Marks is the captain of the airship Aurora. His wife has been kidnapped by ruthless slave traders, and he goes on a daring rescue together with his crew.


Peyton Place (1957)

Peyton Place (1957)

Peyton Place inspired David Lynch and Mark Frost when they were creating the look and atmosphere of the town of Twin Peaks, including the fact there would be a lumber mill.

Allison MacKenzie narrates the story of Peyton Place, her home town in rural New Hampshire around the time of WW2. At first the town seems tranquil and idyllic, but soon it is shown to be rife with moral hypocrisy, social inequities, and class privilege.


Teeth (2007)

Teeth movie

Dawn grew up next to a nuclear plant. She is the local chastity group's most active participant, and being a stranger to her own body, she doesn't know she has a mutation. She a living example of the vagina dentata myth. Add teenage hormones, suppressed sexuality, and a few perverts, and you have an explosive mix!


The Truth behind Pirate Stereotypes


I noticed there is great interest in pirates amongst Steampunks, and not just those of the airship variety. This reminded me of a great article I had read about pirate stereotypes. In it two historical piracy experts are asked about buried treasure; wooden legs, hooks, and eye patches; parrot on the shoulder; pirate fashion and bling; and "arrrr" the accent!


Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders

Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders

Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders is a Steampunk online magazine which has been published since August 2010. Recently they made a series of exciting announcements: They started offering downloadable and print issues of their magazine; formed and published two books on Amazon; and created Fantastique Gearworks, a Doctor Fantastique Books sub-label which will focus on LGBTQ Steampunk.


The World of Twin Peaks: By Design or by Chance?

Twin Peaks

As an aspiring author, I often think about how a story should be planned. Some authors write a very detailed outline and follow it; others begin with a basic idea then start writing to see where it leads; while others use a combination of both. Usually it's very difficult to research these approaches to see what results they yield, but when I was writing my review of the Twin Peaks series I was surprised by the amount of information I found relating to each storyline and character.

The creators planned the storyline and feel of the show thoroughly, but most of the iconic characters and scenes were unscripted. If you're familiar with the series, after reading this article you should be able to see how the original design blended with the improvised to create a cultural phenomenon.


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me is both a prologue and coda to the Twin Peaks series. It tells of the investigation into the murder of Teresa Banks, the first victim of Laura Palmer's killer. Then it jumps to the last seven days of Laura's life.