Teeth (2007)

Teeth movie

Dawn grew up next to a nuclear plant. She is the local chastity group's most active participant, and being a stranger to her own body, she doesn't know she has a mutation. She a living example of the vagina dentata myth. Add teenage hormones, suppressed sexuality, and a few perverts, and you have an explosive mix!

Storyline   ★★★★★
There were so many ways this movie could have gone wrong or been cheesy, instead it has an original and intelligent plot.

The theme that the would-be victim has a deadly self defence mutation is very strong in this movie, starting from the tag line - Every rose has its thorns - to the opening sequence with single cell organisms, to a school lecture about mutations and adaptations.

Jess Weixler as Dawn
Jess Weixler as Dawn

This isn't really a scary movie, because Dawn is a young, beautiful, and naïve girl, and all her victims deserve what they get. On the other hand there are a few moments with blood and gore, although they are balanced with comic parts.

Visuals   ★★★☆☆
Beautiful scenes of the pool in the forest where the teenagers go to swim.

Final Verdict   ★★★★★
Dawn experiences both the pitfalls and the power of having a vagina dentata. A cautionary tale for the guys, and a girl-power story for the girls. Highly recommended!

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