Mechanical Singing Bird Automatons

Mechanical Singing Bird Automatons

Last Saturday an acquaintance showed me his antique mechanical birds in a cage. I was truly amazed when he wound up this gizmo and the two birds started moving their beaks, heads, and tails (see video below). He said it's around a hundred years old, and the birds probably should sing too.

Back home I did a bit of research, and it seems this specific model was designed in the beginning of the 1900's, but was produced and sold up to the 1960's. The video below shows a similar model in perfect working condition, and then one with a transparent mechanism cover that shows how this contraption works.

The final video shows an even older mechanical bird in a cage from the Victorian Era. This one actually looks nicer and sings better than the newer ones above. I'm sure all Steampunk fans will be as amazed with these gadgets as I am.

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