Flash Forward

Flash Forward

The whole world blacks out for exactly 2min 17sec, resulting in accidents and millions of deaths. During the blackout people have visions of their future. This global event is soon taken to be a terrorist attack, and the plot thickens when video footage is found showing a concious person talking on a mobile phone during the blackout.

The story centers around an FBI agent who's vision shows him to be central to the Flash Forward investigaion, and his family and friends.

Final Verdict   ★★★★☆
At first I found the concept ridiculous, but I quickly warmed up to it and enjoyed the series a lot.

It's soon established the Flash Forward relates to a date a few months into the future, and some people start hoping for their visions to come true, while others dread what they saw. A few people had no visions, and soon it's speculated these will die before the date of the Flash Forward. A global debate ensues about destiny and if the future can be changed.

I found the characters and the FBI investigation to be very interesting. The episodes weren't episodic at all, everything that happened during the series pertained to the main story arc. I liked that.

The episodes were action packed and fast paced. The story takes you all over the USA, and as far as Germany, Africa, and Hong Kong.

The series was cancelled after Season 1, but I really enjoyed it and would have followed a Season 2 for sure. Although many questions remain unanswered after the season finale, enough is revealed to complete most of the story.

The Flash Forward concept is based on a book of same name by Canadian author Robert J. Sawyer.

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