Victorian Christmas: Decorations

Victorian Christmas Decorations

Some time ago I reviewed a brilliant documentary series, Victorian Farm Christmas. The producers put up some videos about making your own Victorian Christmas, however these were available only to people in the UK. These videos are now up on YouTube, so are available to everyone. Enjoy!


Veteran Era Cars

Roper Steam Car (1863)
Roper Steam Car (1863)

The Veteran Auto Era is part of the Brass Era, and refers to automobiles manufactured before 1905. The latter part of the Brass Era for autos manufactured between 1905 and 1914 is called the Edwardian Auto Era.

At the end of the 19th century, hundreds of manufacturers all over the western world started producing a wide variety of vehicles powered by technologies including steam, electricity, and internal combustion engines. The fuels used varied, from kerosene and coal oil, to petrol and diesel.


Edwardian Era Cars

Edwardian Era Cars

This weekend I visited Regent Street, and by chance there was an antique car event. I'm sharing the photos I took of these classic automobiles.

The Edwardian Auto Era is part of the Brass Era, so called because of the brass fittings used for such things as lights and radiators. The Veteran Era is the part of the Brass era before 1905, while the Edwardian era lasted from 1905 through to the beginning of World War I in 1914.


The British Museum

The British Museum South entrance

The British Museum is a museum of human history and culture and it's exhibits originate from all over the world.

Physician and naturalist Sir Hans Sloane collected more than 71,000 objects over his lifetime. He wanted them to be preserved intact after his death, so he bequeathed the whole collection to King George II for the nation in return for a payment of £20,000 to his heirs. The gift was accepted and on 7 June 1753, an Act of Parliament established the British Museum.