Stardust (2007)

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Tristan lives in a 19th century countryside town which borders on the magical kingdom of Stormhold. He promises the village beauty that he'll venture to the magical kingdom to retrieve a fallen star to prove his love for her. Once he gets to the star he discovers it's not a lump of rock, but a young maiden called Yvaine. Tristan is not the only one who wants the star, three evil witches want to eat her heart because it will give them back their youth, and the sons of the dead king of Stormhold want the ruby Yvaine holds, because that will enable one of them to claim the throne.

Storyline   ★★★★★
The script is based on Neil Gaiman's book of the same name. For a fairytale it is very original, and you'll be constantly surprised at what happens. The movie is somewhat long at 2 hours 7 minutes, however you won't notice the time go by, and while it's not fast paced, it doesn't slow down anywhere.

Visuals   ★★★★☆
The countryside town has a real Victorian feel to it, while the magic kingdom of Stormhold feels like it came from an earlier time period. Stormhold and it's inhabitants don't look extraordinary, however they have that fairytale look to them. The ghosts and witches look slightly comical in a fairytale kind of way.

The most spectacular scenes are the ones in which Tristan confronts the witches. The airship pirates are interesting too, although more could have been done with them. The CGI effects throughout the movie are good quality and don't look fake.

Steampunk Factor   ★★★☆☆
There are no steam powered machines, or machines of any sort in this movie. However there are goggle wearing airship pirates!

Final Verdict   ★★★★★
Very good storyline, well paced movie, interesting visuals, a Victorian village, and airship pirates. How can you say no?

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