Nicholas L. Garvery
Hello everybody,

I'm Nicholas L. Garvery and I'm an aspiring Steampunk mystery thriller author.

From a young age I always loved reading books. I remember staying up late at night reading, then finding it very hard to wake up for school in
the morning! Nowadays my reading time is limited, so I tend to stick to classic authors. I also love movies, from silent ones to the latest block buster. Basically I love anything with a good story.

I'm also interested in anything mechanical (cars, watches, heavy machinery, tools). I really like the Steampunk style because I find electronics cold, unlike gears and levers. Other things that fire my imagination are underground and underwater exploration. I also have a fascination with history, and the way of life and technology of the olden days. For me Steampunk is the perfect blend of these interests. My other interests that are not related to Steampunk are gym, music, and internet.

I always wanted to write a book, however I don't have a lot of fantasy, I'm more of a logical person. I was afraid I couldn't write a full length novel, and even if I did, how would I get it published? With the advent of self publishing, I decided to give it a go. The main disadvantage of self publishing is that there is no promotion for an author and his work, hence I turned to the internet and blogging to get my name out before I even start writing. On this blog I plan to write a series of articles about my thoughts and ideas. I will also post historical articles, and book and movie reviews, wherever possible related to Steampunk.

I hope you will share and subscribe to my blog!

Kind regards,

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